The winning shots.

FEP or Federation of European photographers as it’s known is an internationally respected non-for profit qualifying organisation for photographers worldwide. They represent over 50,000 professional image makers and countries all over the world, including Ireland.

Being a part of the FEP means being a part of a quality organisation that showcases amazing photographers’ work online. They host an annual competition called the European photographer of the year award to promote high standards in European professional photography. As a member of this organisation I aim to surround myself with like-minded professionals, get inspired by the incredible work of others, and ultimately learn and always be better at what I do.
The European Photographer (EP) qualification aims to recognise competence and professional standards for those who are in their living as professional photographers. The judges are looking for technical skill, composition and artistic expression.
The task was to choose 12 of my best images in one or two categories of the genres in which I work. I chose six from portraits and six from weddings. I wanted the images to have a similarity in some way, so I chose for them all to be in black-and-white. The resulting panel was classic and strong and I was delighted when the news came in that I had achieved my EP status. 

Classic Wedding Photography

Classic Portrait Photography