Portraits that move me.

I think I was always destined to be a portrait photographer. I grew up in a house with family photographs all over the walls, school uniform pictures with dodgy haircuts, cheesey family portraits, and images of us on holidays licking ice creams and jumping in swimming pools.
There is nothing nicer than walking into a home and seeing these beautiful images of the family all over the walls. It reminds us of all the good times we’ve had together as a family unit and it’s also a reminder that life goes by in a flash and it’s important to live every moment.

I opened my family portrait studio in 2010 in Sutton Cross, Dublin after being asked on many occasion by my wedding couples, to capture their new babies. I have always loved serving my clients with quality photography and this was a natural next-step with family portraiture.

Your little Tasmanian devils

Although it is a very different kind of photo shoot, there are some similarities. Weddings are very fluid events and not a lot is within control. I just go with the flow and capture the day as it unfolds around me.

Kids portraits are also not really in my control sometimes!! Depending on the ages of the kids. Some are shy and slow to respond and others come in like whirlwinds and knock me over with personality. Either way, the results are always true to ‘them’ and the pictures tell us a bit about who they are, even if it’s just through their amazing eyes.

Beauty in the eyes

I adore capturing the spirit and beauty of a young child. Those big innocent eyes and soft skin. The studio lighting helps to bring out these big eyes and shows off the texture of their plump skin in a way that nothing else can.
Particularly considering that they change so quickly over their young years, and the time when they are so young and innocent really is only for such a short time.

In this article, I wanted to show some of my favourite portraits taken over the years. I have started with my own daughter Anna (1st photo in this article), who was always been a joy to photograph. She has helped me to capture many beautiful photographs for my own house, which have also led to a few coveted awards from my peers. Anna is now 12 years of age and much more camera shy than she used to be but I am so glad that I have so many pictures of her throughout those innocent ages.

I know that many families who come to me also want some happy smiling pictures which portray their children in the way that they love seeing them, and this can also be done during your shoot.