Family portraits is a huge part of my business and something I am so passionate about.

When Peter Fenech from Digital Photographer magazine contacted me last year about featuring me in the mag for their ‘Shoot like a pro’ section, I was so thrilled to contribute. I was even happier when I learned that it would become an 8-page feature with lots of room for images and conversation.

Peter traveled over from the UK in November and spent a few hours hanging out in the studio with me in Raheny, talking about how I shoot and my general approach to portrait photography.

We had just settled down with a coffee for a chat before my lovely nephews and niece arrived and the power went out in the building. YIKES!

Pretty bad timing you might say, considering this guy had come all the way from the UK! I was incredibly relieved when it came back on about 20 minutes later. Thankfully it gave us time to talk. Peter is a fellow photographer so you can imagine, we had a lot in common and great conversation ensued.

I spoke about how I like to light my subjects with the main key light, a big softbox. I then reflect some light from a large reflector on the opposite side, back onto my subjects. There is also another light lighting the background to create some separation between the subjects and the background.

I adore this kind of light on my subjects as it is super-flattering and we all like to look good in photos, right?!

My gorgeous little subjects arrived, all in lovely blue tones and ready for their big photoshoot. Their ages are easy to direct but I get all ages here in the studio and have lots of tricks up my sleeve to make them laugh or just to keep them focused on me.

It’s really all about making your subjects feel welcome, safe and comfortable so that they relax and enjoy the shoot. This applies to every age. I want the whole experience to be a positive one, from start to finish.

We spoke about the camera gear I use, all Nikon mirrorless cameras with a variety of lenses but the main lens for my portraits is the 50 mm 1.4. The quality is unreal!

Thanks to Peter and all at Digital Photographer magazine for the feature.

If you’d like to have some quality family portraits taken, just email me at and I will send you my portrait brochure.